Collar Contract Address
ETHERSCAN: 0x9783b81438c24848f85848f8df31845097341771
POLYGON: 0xd5fa77a860fea9cff31da91bbf9e0faea9538290
Tag Contract Address
ETHERSCAN: 0x7797c85b46f548eacc07c229f6cd207d6370442f
POLYGON: 0x8a6F1738b2Ff63C7C29F7E2B0073D96C839b0B23
GeM Contract Address
ETHERSCAN: 0xebc27d9bd8ac268934784dcdf1eaa10dfaf97a9f
POLYGON: 0x2f911F789d9D599B34D403a2cFc0C5B3f7E8cE7a

CollarQuest Metaverse

All Journeys Have a Beginning...

The Dog Collar Metaverse game project under development has been dubbed CollarQuest. CollarQuest will be a fun and engaging game which can be played on any desktop, laptop, or device. While the story is still being crafted, its core gameplay will focus on the adventures of robot dog-types called "Sentient Programmable Assault & Reconnaissance Canine - Entity", or SPARC-E for short. SPARC-Es will be created as NFTs with random characteristics, abilities, and various skills, which may battle against computer-controlled opponents or other real-life players.

The in-game SPARC-Es are NFTs, a unique digital asset exclusively owned by you! Any SPARC-E created or purchased through the game’s breeding mechanics will be an original digital asset that can be played, sold, or transferred in or out of the game! Stay tuned, more to come!

Native tokens to the CollarQuest metaverse currently consist of Collar, Tag, & GeM. These tokens will be utilized for in-game purchases, breeding SPARC-Es, and upgrades.

Dog Collar believes in transparency and documentation. All reference material concerning community engagement, Collar governance, the Community Paper (White Paper), financial oversight, and tokenomics can be found in the Collar documentation repository.

Community Maketh The Token

Dog Collar (COLLAR) is a stand-alone project and a fully community-organized token experience.
This ERC-20 token, like many others, began its life as someone’s experiment or training exercise. Dog Collar, simplistic in its code and born out of an apparent coding tutorial, is as basic a token as one can expect.

After creation, Dog Collar was left cast aside and overshadowed for weeks by other projects on ShibSwap. As the second token to be launched on ShibaSwap, (with half the supply burned to the Shib token contract), community members decided to revitalize this underdog and prove gimmicks, fancy code, and “to the moon” marketing pushes are not necessary.

The fundamentals of Dog Collar are, and always have been, the community itself. The community infuses purpose, utility, and direction to Dog Collar. The community holds the intrinsic value, not the token. Tokens are simply an object to focus the power, talent, and tremendous ability of the community.

To that end, there will be no hidden roadmap, secret plans, or other opportunities for “insiders” to buy. All future developments, roadmaps, and opportunities will be planned in the open with input from all who wish to contribute. To our future -- together. #collarcrew

Token Transparency

Transparency & Trust are Built Block by Block.

burning to contract

50% of Supply Burned to SHIB Contract

Half of the total supply of Dog Collar was burned to the "Shiba Inu: SHIB Token" contract within a few hours of the Ryoshi's Vision token. (Etherscan linked.)

burning to contract

50% of Supply Locked as Liquidity on ShibaSwap

The remaining half of Dog Collar supply was locked as liquidity to ShibaSwap and the SSLP tokens burned to the "Shiba Inu: SHIB Token" contract.

burning to contract

Inspect the Code

Nothing is perfect so Do Your Own Research! If you didn't know where to look, here's the token code for inspection.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization

One of the major features of digital currencies is that they are decentralized. This means they are not controlled by a single institution like a government or central bank, but instead are divided among a variety of computers, networks, and nodes. In many cases, virtual currencies make use of this decentralized status to attain levels of privacy, security, and governance that are typically unavailable to standard currencies and their transactions.

The COLLAR DAO has been implemented so as to not have a single person, team, or institution controlling the future of the token. One of our core beliefs is that a token should be governed by its holders. By utilizing the COLLAR DAO, every holder in the #collarcrew has meaningful oversight of DOG COLLAR governance and a voice in our future direction.


Our Community. Our Journey. Our Story.

The Rebirth
  • Collar Token Re-Launch
  • Create Discord, Twitter, & Telegram
  • Website Launch
  • 100 Holders
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • Discord - 500 Members
  • Telegram - 250 Members
  • 250 Holders
  • COLLAR DAO Launched
  • Community Paper 1.0 Adopted
  • Collar Documentation Shared
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Dog Tag (TAG) Governance Token Minted
  • Community Paper 1.1 Adopted
  • Tokenomics 1.0 (CP 1.2)
  • 1000 Holders
  • Telegram - 2000 Members
  • Discord - 2000 Members
  • CollarQuest Metaverse RFP/RFQ
  • Funding Plan for Metaverse
  • Community Paper 1.2
  • TAG DAO LLC Created
  • Community Paper 1.4 Adopted
  • Collar AMA
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • TestNet CollarQuest NFT & Marketplace
  • TestNet Development Release of CollarQuest
  • 1500 Holders
  • Telegram - 3000 Members
  • Discord - 3000 Members
Utility & Beyond
  • Create Dog TAG (TAG) LP
  • MainNet CollarQuest Metaverse
  • 2500 Holders
  • Community Paper 1.6 Adopted
  • SPARC-E offspring 5% Royalties to minter
  • Telegram - 4000 Members
  • Discord - 4000 Members
  • Listening Sessions
  • Proposal Recommendations
  • Demo Battle P2E
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Manager/Cadet TestNet
  • Ongoing Listening Sessions
  • Ongoing AMAs
  • Game Nights
Ariomont (Land)
  • Ariomont Schematic Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Ariomont Design Developomet
  • Ariomont Interoperability
  • Ariomont Tokenomics
  • Ariomont SATCHEL HUD Design
  • Ariomont Land Beta
  • Lock Staking Contract
  • Lock Staking Contract Audit
  • Flex Staking Contract
  • Flex Staking Contract Audit
  • Lock Staking Enabled
  • Flex Staking Enabled
  • Staking Grand Opening
  • Ongoing AMAs
  • Ongoing Game Nights
  • Ongoing AMAs
  • Ongoing Game Nights
  • Ongoing AMAs
  • Ongoing Game Nights
  • ...
Future 2
  • Check back often


Donations are a major catalyst to getting things done in the Collar community. All donations are held in a multi-signature wallet governed by the elected representatives and will be utilized solely for the purpose of Collar development. While all ERC-20 token donations are appreciated, ETH is preferred so as not to impact the price of Collar if it needs to be used.

CollarQuest Team

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Steven Schroedl
Steven Schroedl

CollarQuest Metaverse Creator, Architect of Dog Collar (COLLAR), Dog Tag (TAG), and Genesis Mechanism (GeM)